The Best WordPress Plugins Every Business Should Use

The Best WordPress Plugins Every Business Should Use

For running a business successfully, it is important to take it online. And when you are planning to launch your website, you can never go wrong with WordPress. Flaunting an easy-to-use interface, attractive themes, and a collection of plugins – you can achieve the desired functionality within minutes.

However, once you are out in the market looking for the best WordPress plugins, you will likely get overwhelmed with many choices. Not anymore. In this article, we will talk about the best WordPress plugins that your business must-have. 

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Best Plugins For WordPress


wpforms plugin

WPForms is one of the must have plugins for WordPress that lets you create effective forms very easily. The free version of the plugin comes with minimal functionality. The paid edition plans range from Basic to Agency, having a price range between $49 per year and $399 per year.

Its drag and drop form functionality helps you create functioning forms on the go. The plugin also provides you with quick access to the pre-designed forms for easy integration with your website. 

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO Plugin comes in 2 variants – a free edition and the paid edition at $89 per year for one site. It is one of the best plugins around to follow the best SEO and maketing practices on your website. 

With availability in multiple languages, the plugin gives complete control to you to decide the type of content you want. The plugin allows you to make each of your posts SEO-friendly by examining its keyword density, readability, and more. Other useful features include warning for outdated pages, redirection of non-functional URLs, and useful insights into the keywords you use.


wordpress plugins

When it comes to addressing your security concerns, you can bank on the best security plugin for WordPress – Sucuri. Developed by Sucuri Inc, one of the best web security companies globally, the plugin greatly tweaks the performance of your site as well as its speed.

The plugin works by removing malware from your website as well as prevents any future malware attack and hacking attempts. It is available in 3 variants, Basic at $199.99 per year, Pro at $299.99 per year, and Business at $499.99 per year. You can find customized offers as well to meet your requirements. 


wordress plugins

The UpdraftPlus plugin is another essential weapon in your armory to run a successful site on WordPress. System crashes are unavoidable, and you have to be prepared for them no matter what. This plugin has gained a lot of trust among WordPress users due to its efficient backup and restoring functionalities. The paid version starts from $70 per year for 2 licenses and goes up to $399 per year for its highest variant.

UpdraftPlus is easy to use, even by beginners, it lets you perform full or partial backups to remote multiple storage options. The entire process is highly optimized so that you can even backup 100GB sites. 

The free version provides you with limited functionalities. However, you can access its premium features with a paid version like multisite functionalities, backup scheduling, an increased number of remote storage options, and so on. 

The Visitor Counter Plugin

visitor counter plugin

Having a free plugin that counts the number of visitors on a certain day is important to judge the success of your website. That’s when the Visitor Counter Plugin comes into the picture. 

The Visitor Counter Plugin features a quick installation process along with a user-friendly interface. The plugin helps you review the visitor count on a periodical basis to gather actionable insights into the visitor attractiveness aspect of your site. 

One of the best parts of this plugin is that it keeps your data and security protected because you don’t have to give access to any third party to access this visitor count data. And guess what, all of these functionalities come free of cost. You can download the plugin now to get free lifetime access.


performance plugin

Your website speed is important to deliver the best customer experience to your users. This is when the NitroPack plugin helps you out by enhancing the website’s performance.

The plugin helps you improve your site’s speed for both the mobile and desktop editions. The plugin is easy to use and helps you make quick tweaks on your website.  It is available for free, with the paid version starting from $19 per month and going up to $159 per month for single-site users. Enterprise customers are provided with customized offers.


wprdpress plugin

Giveaways have become a successful method to increase traffic inflow to a site. The RafflePress plugin helps you increase footfall by arising your visitor’s curiosity by showcasing the promotional content, capturing their email ids, and incentivizing them to share the content on social media. 

The plugin helps you to use pre-defined templates that are goal-based, or you can build your customized campaign easily within few minutes. Through its giveaway process, it significantly increases customer engagement and helps in creating viral marketing campaigns for your site. Priced at $39.20 per year for one site, which goes up to a one-time payment of $359.20 for a lifetime license, this plugin is one of the most useful to help you generate more revenue from your site.


live chat plugin

The LiveChat plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins to augment your customer experience. It provides the perfect balance of automation and human interface to deliver one of the best-crafted programs to have chats with your visitors. Its Starter pack is priced at $16 per month, going up to $50 per month for the Business pack. Customized solutions are offered for its Enterprise customers. 

Its live chat functionalities ensure that the AI identifies and directs the queries of customers to the right team so to provide them with a proper solution. 


wordpress plugins

WooCommerce is one of the most widely used opensource WordPress plugins. With this plugin, you can build your digital store on the web to sell your products. You can create a thematic storefront that suits your business. The plugin also allows you to create customized pages where you can display your products and incorporate dynamic prices. 

WooCommerce also provides all other basic features required to complete a successful sales transaction like payment methods, dispatching options, and tax compliances.


wordpress plugin

While running your business digitally on a WordPress website, a very common issue you must have faced is spam comments. These spam comments are mostly generated by automated spambots. Akismet is a WordPress plugin that keeps your site protected from any spam comments.  It works by efficiently filtering out the spam comments and helps you in eliminating spammer influences on your website. 

Choose from its customized plans for personal and enterprise users or standard priced commercial plans, and you can rest assured that your website will be free of all these junk content. 


Your site contains critical data that can be the target of hackers. To enhance the security of your site, using the Wordfence security plugin makes sense. The Wordfence provides its protective function at your server’s end or the endpoint, instead of the cloud. This ensures that there is no leakage of data if a hacker can crack the cloud firewall.

The plugin also preemptively identifies possible malware or malevolent traffic. It also checks the database to identify and eliminate any malware.


elementor plugin

If you are looking for an easy-to-use page builder, look no further than Elementor. It’s a one-stop solution for web designing, helping you create powerful and attractive visual designs as well as building faster-performing websites. Its free edition comes with minimal functionalities while you get access to all the premium features by purchasing its Expert plan at $199 per year.

Its simple drag and drop customization process and impactful built-in templates have made it a favored choice. Its features include marketing functionalities to attract more traffic and generate more revenue.

Site Kit

wp plugins

Google is the undisputed leader of search engines, and the success of your business depends a lot on how it comes in the Google search results. Site Kit is an open-source plugin from Google that provides inputs into how your site is perceived by your target customers on Google.

It provides official data from different Google tools on your dashboard to help you make educated decisions.


The final choice of the best WordPress plugins will vary depending on your business profile. Some casino businesses might need membership plugins, while others may need donation plugins. The bottom line is that this useful list will be beneficial for you when you are planning to grow your business.

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