How Online casinos can use Quizzes that engage with their customers

Online casinos can use Quizzes that engage with their customers

Online casinos have a golden opportunity to grow swiftly in 2020 due to the pandemic crisis. As the land-based casinos are locked due to coronavirus, people worldwide will focus on classic online casinos. As the temptation to gamble will not be fulfilled, people will automatically shift towards online casinos. 

Quiz sites are an essential source for spreading brand identity. So, accommodating these sites via online quizzes will allow you to increase the traffic on your casino sites.

What is an Online Quiz?

Thanks to quiz sites like Buzzfeed, online quizzes are becoming popular because they spread the fun over the internet. Some enthusiasts are looking for activities like this to pass their time while waiting for some appointment or relaxing. 

You can make sure that they get amused by your quiz and become aware of your brand. Check out this Casino Site that doubled its conversions and interactions with simple quizzes!

Online quizzes can be about any subject, they can be of any length, and they can be either fictional or based on facts. An online examination is a straightforward way to divert the traffic onto your webpage. 

Furthermore, people tend to share this stuff for quick fun, and your brand identity becomes more famous in the audience. 

It would be best if you tried to keep online quizzes short, as it is a perfect method to spread the knowledge about your specific brand, company, or service without annoying the clients. 

Quiz sites can help you to spread the understanding of your product through simple questions without seeming bossy.

Creating an Online Quiz

You should include online quizzes in your marketing strategy, and even these can be used for advertising online casinos. Now that you understand the importance of an online examination, you should know the resources and information you need to make an online quiz of your own. 

First of all, you need to decide what information you want to convey to the readers. It would be best to have your primary goal in mind that you wish to accomplish through this quiz.  

Then you can choose the subject for your quiz. The following tools help you choose a topic for your quiz.

Keyword Research – You can use the targeted keyword searches to determine what the market is looking for. You can also develop a basic understanding of your company. 

Your Blog – The best source for the content of a quiz is your blog. Using the topics that have already been blogged provides you the opportunity to link the examination to specified webpages. 

Online quiz sites can effectively promote online casinos and other gambling events by linking the online quizzes to a particular website, tailoring the questions present in the online quiz to some specific service or webpage. 

An online quiz should be long enough to engage the client and collect the required information without becoming suspicious. It would be best to avoid tricky questions in your quiz, maintain the reader’s engagement, and provide fun for the quiz reader. 

Online quizzes should not be rigid or complicated as the real ones. The audience should not feel as their grades depend on this quiz. 

Therefore, online quizzes should not be longer than five to ten minutes, as this is the time required to catch the reader’s attention without putting them to sleep. You have to keep the length that will maintain the interest in the topic and tempt customers to take the future quizzes. 

You should create a typical format for your quizzes. It will assist in the search for quiz building tools and templates. There are individual quiz sites that offer a variety of tools for generating online quizzes. These quiz sites are briefly mentioned below.


This quiz site is very well suited for true or false questions, multiple-choice questions, or fill-in questions. You can create quizzes to gather customer opinions, product concerns, sales data, or the hunt for future endeavors. 

One spoiler alert for people not familiar with general knowledge about the web, this quiz site is not user-friendly. 

If your needs are simple or have a deep insight into the online forms, this site is the perfect tool for creating quizzes and collecting data. You should know that long quizzes are prone to entry errors. Meanwhile, the reporting process can also be limited.  


TypeForm is excellent for online quizzes and the marketing newbies. It has vast treasures, examples, and templates to help you in quiz-building. This quiz site provides you with a varied and great range of options for the quizzes. 


This quiz site is basically for professionals and educators. It is the dream site for an educator or professional business trainer. It mainly focuses on gathering information and short quizzes. Its templates and features will save you from hours of work. 


It is a user-friendly online quiz site, and it mainly focuses on social media promotions on websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It can track the quizzes using data-collecting tools and target the audience with an advanced approach. 

WordPress Quiz Plugins

Many quiz plugins are an easier way to add online quizzes and questionnaires to your WordPress websites. Here, we have hand-picked some of the best plugins for WordPress quizzes.

WP Quiz

WP Quiz comes with three types of quizzes: flip cards, personality types, and trivia. It is a very flexible and user-friendly app for quiz-making and its promotion. 


TryInteract is a web-based app capable of creating viral quizzes. It is compelling and effectively increases traffic on your webpage and social media.


LearnDash is a very versatile quiz app with advanced database and features. It is the best choice amongst quiz plugins. 

Quiz Master

This quiz plugin is not as much user-friendly as other plugins. In comparison, this plugin is for both online quizzes and surveys. 


Online casinos are getting much attention recently. You should use online quizzes as a marketing strategy to boost your online casino websites.