6 best page builder plugins for WordPress

Don’t have the time to code or design your website? Don’t have a dedicated developer to focus on the front end design of the website? Cannot put in the work and time required for sorting out the design and elements of your website? All of these questions might have been a huge point to ponder upon before there were page builder plugins and construction kits all over the internet without a price tag.

WordPress page builders are your toll-free road to an easy construction of your website. With the great eases of free WP themes, templates and all, the availability of these drag and drop styled page builders make website construction an easier task.

Do you know why WordPress page builders are such a bliss? They are what you can call the modern magic wand for every website owner. With the load of decisions that you may need to make for your website, from WP themes to outlook of the site, you would definitely want some ease with a few elements.

WordPress page builders give you this particular ease. You can simply choose between pre-built elements and create your website accordingly, be it a blog or even the best WordPress store, you can do it without any hassle with WP page builder plugins.

Functionalities of WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Ever heard of drag and drop? Website construction is no tougher than that with WP page builders. These are tools that enable you to create, modify and maintain your website without the need of much developer skills, time and thought-process.

Among a number of great functions, the WP page builders allow you to choose from a number of pre-existing and pre-designed elements. These elements range from text boxes to buttons, CTAs, dividers and even contact forms.

You can simply make anything happen on your website with these WP page builders. For example, you can add a simple button on a page that leads to a contact form on another page which then leads back to the main page upon the successful submission of the contact form. Sounds complex?

It is true that at times, the construction of a website can be tough even for an experienced developer with the amount of elements and codes that are associated with each element. Nevertheless, WP page builder plugins can enable you to make these steps easy and quick.

There are a number of great page builder plugins that are more like an easy-to-use construction kit. You can choose any of them relative to your needs and the functions that they serve best. It is very much probable you will find something perfectly tailored for your needs even if you are looking for something unparalleled and free.

Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg Editor

Although it started as a plugin, it no longer is. Thinking why it is listed in here? Gutenberg editor is now built-in to your WordPress. This open source plugin is now available to you with your WordPress and you can create and manage the elements on your website without the need of much technical expertise.

It is the perfect WP page builder plugin if you are looking for a free, open-source and highly compatible plugin for blogs and other similar sites.

Elementor page builder

Among WP page builder plugins highly compatible for blog, Elementor blogs are in another league. Elementor is compatible with most of the free WP themes and can be used with the greatest ease.

This free plugin is the perfect fit for you if you are looking forward to creating a blog over WordPress. The Elementor blog page templates and the elements available within the plugin add to the value provided by Elementor.

Compared to a lot of other plugins, it is easier to use, is ready for translation and includes pre-built page templates as the cherry on top. Compatibility with multiple themes, CSS customization and the out of box responsiveness make it unparalleled. Elementor also has a variety of free WP themes. You can use a number of great themes with Elementor, Kotre Pro makes for one great example.

WP Bakery Page Builder

The Bakery page builder is one of the most efficient plugin in WordPress. It supports all the necessary tool kits, functions and elements that you might need for your website. Although it is a paid plugin but it has an unparalleled compatibility and functionality.

Download WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder allows you to create great WordPress sites that are perfectly responsive on desktops and on mobiles equally. Although the Beaver Builder lacks in the translation feature but yet, it has CSS customization, theme compatibility, large volume of templates and the easiest functionality that makes it a great choice.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

If you are looking for a plugin that helps you to create responsive grid-based page content, look no further. Page Builder from SiteOrigin allows you to create seamless sites that are pixel-perfect and suited to mobile devices. It can thus be said, Page Builder is kind of blogger’s best shot.



Loaded with a huge volume of templates, a number of great functionalities that include but are not limited to CSS customization, theme compatibility, built-in page templates and much more in a very affordable budget.
You can create and design a website without a hitch with Divi Builder and this all comes with the added attribute of the greatest ease of use and access. You can do it even if you are a novice and you can create a website that makes the jaw drop just like OnlineGamblingGuru.com!

Why opt for Page Builder Plugins?

This is like the footer which is a pivotal element of every site, it’s here to sum it all up. You want a great website without the need of spending a lot of time wrestling with codes, errors and bugs? Want great and highly compatible functionalities across all platforms on your site without doing much? Just get yourself one of these page builder plugins.