Great Backlink Checker Tools to Boost Your PageRank

Great Backlink Checker Tools to Boost Your PageRank
Great Backlink Checker Tools to Boost Your PageRank

One of the most important things required to improve your SEO rankings is creating backlinks for your website. Also known as ‘inbound’ or ‘incoming’ links, backlinks are extremely important for search engine optimization.

Backlinks are what give internet its web-like structure – linking one content with the next relevant one. Backlinks act as a verifier to the content of your website. They tell a search engine that other webpages corroborate what is available on your web page. The more backlinks are available to a website, the better your chances of improving the site’s ranking/position, enhancing visibility and boosting performance

Thus, gaining backlinks is an essential part of any SEO strategy. As is with any other recommendation, here too backlinks that originate from a high-ranking, popular, and trustworthy site hold more value than the site which is on the other side of the fence. 

So, if you are going to invest in building backlinks for your WordPress website, you must learn if it is working in your favor or not. That is where you will require help from a ‘backlink checker’. Backlink checkers are domains that weigh the value of links created. 

Let us learn more about the top 5 backlink checkers available today, as revealed by

Best Backlink Checker Tools


This is a premium tool and one of the best backlink checker in the market. It allows you to see all the keywords deployed by your competitor to rank in an organic search and the total traffic every single one of them is generating. 

While Ahrefs does provide you with relevant data for SEO, its real promise is the set of Site Explorer tools. Along with giving you historical and current indices for your backlinks, it also gives you live indexing. 

It lays out detail about the lost backlinks and how they intersect. Thereby enabling you to generate a link or two from other websites. Ahref’s periodical (daily, weekly, and monthly) reports help you in managing your SERPS’ ranking more effectively. 

Unlike some free backlink checkers available on the internet, Ahref is a paid tool out and out. Even their 7-day trial is for $7. 


An all-in-one marketing toolkit, SEMRush provides a backlink checker as part of the package for domain analysis. Once you go in deeper with their tool, you can get information about several domains that are linked to your website. The tool provides information on the type of link – dofollow or nofollow, history of the links, lost links, and the anchor related to each link. 

It further gives you info about the country where the backlink originated, a list of competitors for the backlink, and the TLD distribution. The service of the SEMRush tool can be subscribed at $99 per month. For those who are running on a tight budget or are beginners, SEMRush does offer a free option. 


Moz or Moz Pro is one of the most user-friendly competitor backlink checker available in the market. This does not, however, in any way limit the service provided by the software. The user gets a detailed report on anchor texts, inbound links, ranking keywords, linking domain, and domain authority. 

With the help of Moz Pro, you can find out about the top followed links on your website along with the top pages other sites are backlinking to. Moz Pro provides a list of anchor text in a ranked format. 

Users can sort these as per their requirement and in turn tweak the content of the destination website to make it more relevant. Moz Pro offers its users a 30-day trial period after which they have to sign up for subscription starting at $99 per month. 

Majestic SEO 

Reliability and accuracy are trademarks of Majestic SEO. Here you can get a good review on the current status of your backlinks, data on who has linked to you, and where you would find more links. What’s more, is that the user can generate their reports using the tool’s API. 

The tools unique ‘link context report’ feature allows you to access the actual content that is linked to your website. The users can see images, frames, competitor websites, and other links. This information can help you in improving the SERP rating considerably. 


Linkody is an easy to use tool which is best suited for creating new links, keeping track of the existing ones, and more. Linkody provides you with daily notifications on your backlinks. If there is a sudden change in any of the backlinks, it gives you enough time to rectify the error and prevent your ranking from falling. 

When it comes to competition tracking, Linkody provides a detailed report on competition links. Thereby allowing you to develop similar links or create content as a replacement for the competition. Linkody further gives its users SEO metrics on the website backlinks. The software has 5 different pricing starting from just $9.90 per month and going up to $ 98.90 per month. 


Opting for a backlink checker is no more about luxury. Rather it has become an extremely necessary tool of any SEO ranking strategy. Knowing about where your backlinks are coming from and where you can look for more can help drastically improve your site’s ranking, reputation, and content quality. Though you may have to shell some money to access premium backlink checker tools, it will all pay off with SERP results.