5 awesome donation plugins for WordPress

If you have been fundraising over the internet, you might know how complicated things get with the whole process of processing donations and all. That is precisely where donation plugins can help you with your WordPress website for fundraising.

The world has recently been facing a crisis during this pandemic stricken time, which has severely affected the fundraising process. Many reasons contribute to the recession phase, but you wouldn’t want your website to be a contributing cause to it. Would you?

Your digital entity, a.k.a your WordPress website, needs to be perfected such that it streamlines the whole fundraising process for you and the people donating to the cause.

How can you streamline the process, though? Without a doubt, you need to add the best WordPress donation plugin to your arsenal to upscale the fundraising process.

Adding a WordPress donation plugin to your fundraising website can help you establish a better reputation among the general public. That can vastly contribute to an increase in the influx of funds to different causes.

Why do you need donation plugins?

Dealing with donations is not as easy as it may sound. You have to make sure the donation payment process is exceptionally smooth and free of any hiccups.

Although the payment gateway setup needs to be somewhat similar to an e-commerce checkout, you have to consider the variations. You need features that help establish your fundraising goals in front of the donors. You might even need WordPress themes that support these features.

With a donation plugin, you are empowering the donor to quite an extent. They know your fundraising goals, they can donate according to their choice, and they get to choose if they want to disclose their identity.

These benchmarks can only be reached for a WordPress donation website, if and when the website decides to go with a donation plugin to support the payment process.

Switching from second-tier online fundraising mechanisms to automated plugins was the best decision made by this organization that helped them double up their efforts towards the cause.

You need to make a similar decision if you want to support the cause you care for with more funds. It is all about evolving when it comes to digital acquisitions, and fundraising is no different either.

Our list of great WordPress donation plugins

1. GiveWP

givewp plugin

If we had to rank donation plugins on pure merit, GiveWP would come at the top every time over. It is simply the best in the business as it empowers you with almost every possible operable feature.

In GiveWP, you have a plugin that seamlessly integrates with your websites and allows you to create customized donation forms suited to your theme. 

GiveWP allows you to keep a record of donor profiles with the ability to produce tax-deductible receipts and seamlessly integrate with third-party applications to streamline the whole fundraising funnel.

You can also generate detailed reports with GiveWP to get a complete overview of your donation activities, filtered by date, campaign type, amount, and so on. 

All these features and much more make GiveWP one of the finest choices for the donate plugin WordPress rank list. You might want to give it a try right away then.

2. Paypal Donations

paypal donations

What if you don’t have multiple causes or donation projects? What if you only need to raise funds or donations for a single cause and don’t want to go through all the steps to create a complex donation submission funnel?

We suggest that you go for the WordPress Paypal donation plugin right away. It is as simple as placing a shortcode on your website anywhere, and you are set to receive funds into your Paypal account.

It enables the users to donate any amount they want as they click on the donate button you place on your website. It helps a lot if you have a simple donation project, and the majority of your audience is placed in regions that use Paypal actively.

Once you have the shortcode installed on the desired webpages on the desired place, you are ready to collect donations right away. All it takes for the user to donate is a click and payment verification. Easy. Isn’t it?

PayPal donation thus becomes somewhat simple; Just like a Woocommerce donation plugin. The user has complete control over the choice of payment and everything. That’s why we love this simple plugin so much.

3. Charitable

charitable donation plugin

Got too many fundraising campaigns and causes? Need more streamlining added to your fundraising process? Charitable is an answer to all such worries pertaining to complex donation issues.

You get to create automated campaigns with time-sensitive mechanisms that terminate on their own after the set expiration date. Moreover, you get to set desired goals for your campaigns too.

The donation forms you design with Charitable can inherit the design and aesthetics of your website’s WordPress theme as well. That makes customization easy and much more fun.

You get to set multiple payments or donation methods with Charitable as it allows donors to donate utilizing Paypal, cheques, and even other offline methodologies.

No doubt, Charitable is on our list as it empowers you to the extent that no other donation plugin can. You have complete control over your fundraising campaigns and donation methods as you move forward for your desired cause.

In addition to all that, Charitable allows you to customize the emails you need to send out to the donors, including donation receipts and admin notifications with dynamic customization options. 

4. DonorBox

Want to add donation pages that blend right in with your brand? DonorBox helps you with the process to an unimaginable extent. You just need to know what sort of donation page you need.

You can create and deploy a donation form in less than 15 minutes on your website. These custom-built forms add to the ease of access for the users as they can be filled out really quickly.

You get multiple payment gateways with DonorBox in the form of Stripe, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, etc. These and ACH combined add variety to the kind of payments you can receive as donations.

With DonorBox, you can set monthly repeatable fundraising campaigns with a single click. Recurring donors get their donor login details to manage their donor profiles as well with DonorBox.

DonorBox’s payment gateway transfers Stripe funds to your account according to your schedule. That saves you the effort of manually transferring funds from Stripe to your account.

DonorBox also sends out donation receipts to the donors automatically. With that, it also allows integrations to thor party applications in case you want to communicate to your donors more regularly.

All in all, DonorBox has the right amount of operable features, flexibility, transparency, and security to be your first choice for your fundraising campaigns. What do you think?

5. Seamless Donations

seamless donations

Just the way that marketing plugins help you raise the bar, Seamless Donations plugin raises the bar when it comes to its seamless integration with third-party applications. 

The plugin allows you to collect donations from users for your fundraising campaigns based on your campaign goals. You can create your desired fundraising campaign in no more than 5 minutes with Seamless Donations.

Seamless Donations also automate the process of renewal of recurring donations for you as it automatically resets the recurring campaigns based on the settings.

In case you need to keep a close track of all your donations and the donors, you should choose Seamless Donations as its reports help you keep track of all donations and donors with an unparalleled ease.

In addition to that, you can send customized thank you emails to the donors with these awesome plugins. It is just the perfect choice if you are looking for something innovative and simple enough.

Summing it all up

The list above has got all the potential plugins that you can use for your next fundraising campaign on your WordPress site. Choose any plugin that fits your requirements and get going with the good work right away.