5 Best WordPress Casino Themes for 2020

Choosing the right website layout is important and casino websites are not an exception. Well, undoubtedly, the way your website looks determine the engagement level of your visitors. This is why you need to ensure that the site looks neat and professional.

Luckily, getting the right WordPress theme for your casino site is not that difficult these days thanks to readymade templates. But with many different options available, it can be slightly confusing to pick one that best suits your website. To make things easy for you, we’ve listed the some of the best WordPress casino themes for 2020.

Mercury WordPress Casino Theme

The first choice in our list is the Mercury online casino theme. It offers a lot of variety and customizable features. Let’s take a look at their key features.

Custom Post Templates

This theme offers in-built templates for three types of posts.

  • The first is a casino template, perfect for posting casino reviews and rating different aspects of their services, as well as posting affiliate links.
  • The second template is for posting reviews of different casino games, along with information about the casino services that offer those games.
  • The final template is for bonuses, where you can post info about different bonus offers, promo codes, and the like. as well as placing affiliate links for bonuses.

Multiple Widgets

Mercury theme has 8 different widgets for the custom post templates. These will add some extra effects to your webpage and make it more immersive and engaging for viewers. You can also install widgets which will allow playing online slot games in New Jersey.

Color Schemes

There are a lot of color schemes that you can choose from. Color combination is important for websites as it creates a certain impression in an individual’s mind.

Customer Support

The developers of this theme – Space-Themes – offer 6-month support on the Mercury theme, which can be increased to 18 months by paying an additional charge of $25.

Price: $79

Carino WordPress Theme

Carino is a WordPress theme that will give a clean and professional look to your casino site. Users who have implemented this theme have also given positive feedback. Here are its key features

Retina-Ready Design

The retina-ready display of this theme will ensure that your website looks sharp and clear in all devices. If all elements of your site are clearly visible, users will have a positive experience navigating through the site.

Customizable Options

There’s a lot of customization offered by this theme. There are ‘Admin options’ that let you control all the features of the theme in detail. There are numerous color combinations to try out, and more than 600 Google Web Fonts to choose from.

Custom Widgets

This theme gives you 23 custom widgets that will give you quick access to different features. These widgets are very useful in jumping from one section or feature to another and save a lot of time.

Custom CSS, Logo, and Icons

The Carino theme comes with a number of logs and icons and has a custom CSS option to add advanced graphics to your site. These are essential in adding some extra touches to your site’s interface. This way, the theme saves you time when it comes to finding logos and icons on your own.

Price: $27

Casino Roulette Theme

Casino Roulette Theme

Focused totally on casino sites, the Casino Roulette Theme rightfully takes a place in our list. Its features are explained below.

Variety in Design

There are a lot of page layout options that will let you customize your webpages. Thus, you can have your homepage look colorful and visually appealing while toning down other informational pages. You can experiment with many different designs in this theme.

Highly Optimized for Mobile Devices

Most WordPress themes are optimized to work well on mobile devices. But the Casino Roulette theme has a very impressive mobile interface. It will make your mobile site just as immersive as the desktop site, with different widgets, drop-down menus, and some more cool features.

Compatible with Unlimited Domains and Sites

Casino Roulette theme can be used on your website regardless of your domain. This WordPress casino theme is compatible with any domain, so no need to worry if it’ll work for your casino site.

Customer Support

This theme comes with lifetime customer support for no extra charges. Buy it once and you’ll never have to spend a single penny for user support!

Price: $97

GamblingClub WordPress Casino Theme

GamblingClub is a sleek and clean theme that is more suited for casino owners running their own website, rather than casino reviewing or affiliate sites. So let’s check out its features.

Impressive Display

The theme offers a variety of excellent display options. There’s a slider area where you can place pictures and videos from recent events and other highlights. You’ll also find designated spaces for posting additional info and blog posts, pricing, customer feedback, and the like.

In-built Icons and Google Fonts

This theme offers a list of popular social media icons and lets you choose from many different Google Fonts. So, you don’t need to import them externally.

Customizable Landing Page

GamblingClub gives you plenty of options to experiment with the outlook of your home page or landing page. You can always make a few tweaks here and there on your home page whenever you need to.

Dedicated Feature for Casino Site

Since this WordPress theme for businesses is specially designed for online casino sites, they have dedicated features for common casino webpages like bonuses and offers page, customer support page, list of games page, and the like.

Price: $79

Divi WordPress Theme


Unlike other themes in this list, Divi is not a casino-focused theme. However, we are including it in this list because it’s one of the most versatile and customizable themes. You can use it on any site and that includes casino sites too.

Of course, you will have to use more of your own creativity to get the best out of this theme. Here are its key features.

Multipurpose Theme

The best thing about Divi is that it is a multipurpose theme. So, you may buy it for a casino site, but it may prove to be useful in the future for other sites as well.

Extensive Options in the Control Panel

The control panel of this theme has a simple layout and most options are well-explained. There are a lot of functions in the control panel which makes it easy to navigate and operate this theme.

Simple Page Building Tools

All the in-built tools in this theme for designing a page are super simple to use. The page builder has a drag and drop system and a point-and-click system. Your mouse alone will be enough to get most of the job done.

Good Reputation

Divi is a popular WordPress theme that has already garnered a lot of positive user reviews. So there isn’t much that can go wrong when you get this theme for your site.

Price: $89


These are the best WordPress themes for 2020. They all have unique features that will boost your casino website’s appearance, and also improve overall user experience.
If you want your visitors to enjoy browsing your site and leave with a good impression, then don’t delay in implementing a suitable theme for your website.