5 Best Instagram Plugins for Sharing Your Feed on WordPress

Best Instagram Plugins for Sharing Your Feed on WordPress

All these listed free and premium plugins for WordPress allow you to display Instagram account photos to your website. 

When you start up with a plugin, you can choose the specific account from which you want to import pictures, the number of items to import, and some other options. You can find excellent WordPress Blog themes to further improve your site.

The Instagram photos from your feed can be entered into your pages and displayed in your site’s footer areas or sidebar using some widgets. As comfort comes with a price, you can get many more features using the premium version of the plugins. 

Using a premium tool for WordPress, you can enrich your site with benefits like more dynamic filters for filtering the images to be displayed on your site. Comparing the small financial investment with the vast options that are offered, it’s always a beneficial offer. 

If you want to create your Instagram photo feed, make an Instagram slider, create an Instagram icon having a link to your profile, or share Instagram giveaway or contest to increase your followers, use WordPress plugins. 

Following hand-picked WordPress plugins can be your shortcut to a great marketing endeavor. Let’s dive in.

Instagram Feed Pro

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Instagram Feed Pro is the best WordPress plugin in the market for Instagram feed by the Smash Balloon. This plugin is used by over 1.3 million websites to make a custom photo for Instagram.

The free version lets you create a social feed easily. The built-in features of this plugin in the free version are enough for beginners but switching to a premium version will open a gateway to additional features like the carousel, horizontal layout, masonry grid, etc.

You can display several Instagram feeds on your website from different sources like #hashtag feeds using the pro version. You can also make shoppable feeds and use the lightbox popup feature with the built-in buttons. 

You can use the block editor or sidebar widget to conveniently add the Instagram feed into any of your pages or post. This plugin also allows you to bring Instagram stories on your WordPress site. 

The best part of this Instagram plugin is its backup functionality and the smart feed cache. It also allows you to display Instagram photos on WordPress site without slowing it down. Moreover, even if the Instagram API goes down, your photos will still be visible. 


RafflePress is a reward and giveaway Instagram plugin for WordPress users. You can integrate this plugin with Instagram to increase the number of your followers. This plugin helps you in maintaining your online reputation.

If you are a RafflePress user, you can easily set up a contest that boosts your audience to make specific moves using Instagram, which may include visiting your profile or viewing any of your Instagram posts. 

You can use this plugin to prompt visitors to take other actions as well. For example, you may run a giveaway or contest by RafflePress for your Instagram followers. There they would have to visit a specific page of your website. You can even ask your clients to join your email list to enter the contest. RafflePress is an excellent plugin, and it is one of the most feature-full giveaway/contest WordPress plugins.

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Post’s social media plugin for scheduling purposes. It allows you to easily share content (both new and old) on social networks like Instagram. 

You can create a schedule for social media posts. You can exclude some content on your blog if you don’t wish to share all your posts. You can set a date range or exclude certain types of tags. 

This Instagram plugin has the functionality to share photos from the media library on Instagram. You can also share new posts momentarily as they are published, and this plugin can add UTM tags to Instagram photos. You should also get tips for social media marketing if you really want to boost your Instagram in a short time.

Envira Gallery

display instagram feed on wordpress

Envira Gallery is a very easy to use WordPress plugin for photo gallery. This fast working plugin allows you to create dynamic, both photo and video galleries. This plugin has incredible features like tagging, albums, lightbox popups, etc. 

Envira Gallery has an Instagram Addon functionality that allows you to import your images into WordPress from Instagram. You can add these photos alongside other galleries. 

You can choose whether you want the photos integrated into your blog or open them in the lightbox. You also get to decide whether you wish to link the pictures to Instagram posts.


Soliloquy is a WordPress slider plugin for beginners. You can use this friendly plugin to make responsive sliders for both photos and videos. This plugin comes with a slider addon that allows you to add Instagram pics and your featured blog post thumbnails in a single slider. 

You get to decide which content you want to use on the slider from your Instagram account. For example, you may only add photos with a specific tag. You also get to control your slides’ speed. Soliloquy also offers many settings to counterpart your website layout. 


This British Casino rejigged its social media and brought their Instagram to life with one of these plugins as well. It’s time you give this a shot as well.

We hope that this article will help you find and choose the one plugin you want to use. Although all the plugins, as mentioned earlier, are best and famous for Instagram feed on WordPress.