10 best SEO tools on the market for 2020

If you own an online business, your website will definitely require the best SEO tools first thing after coming live.  This is basically derived from the need for traffic and discoverability. The better your SEO is done; the more traffic you can gain.

Traffic generation is basically the first and foremost goal for any online business. Once you have healthy traffic coming to your website, you can think about getting conversions too. Without much traffic, there is nothing such as conversions either.

Now, with all of your conversions and your sales depending on traffic, you would definitely want to increase it by all means. Many people look to go for marketing and advertisement as the first measure. Not the right solution at all.

There is nothing right about relying on ads first thing for your traffic. You can never build a brand out of ads alone. The first step is to always search engine optimization. You make your site available to the generic users before you go for advertisements.

You want people to come to you while they look for their desired product. You sell pants, you want people to find your store when they search for pants on a search engine. That can’t be done with ads.

With an online business, you want to rely on search engine optimization to provide you traffic in the first place. The ads and other tricks can come in at later stages too. SEO has to be the first step though.

SEO is nothing that you cannot master. It might seem to be something that would require a lot of technical knowledge of digital marketing and so on and so forth.

In reality, it is quite contrary to that concept. With the right tools at your disposal, you can do it with great ease. You can optimize your website and all your content for search engines without a hitch.

How can SEO tools help you?

Do you ever consider having an SEO optimizer to look out for your website? If your answer is no, you have not really weighed in on the advantages that SEO brings in.

You are currently reading something more than a small SEO tools review; You are going through a complete guide that also tells you why would you need SEO for your site. With a small addition of SEO software to your website, you can start having way more traffic.

If SEO is that good, you would definitely want to know how it actually works and how all of it pans out. Won’t you? It becomes a pivotal part of an online business if used right.

By using even free SEO tools, you can multiply your traffic with an integral value of more than 10 easily. SEO provides you with a flourish at creating chances for conversions and making sales to the right customers.

You will have relevant traffic: the ones who were actually looking for what you are selling. So, with SEO employed in the right manner, your traffic will be relevant and filtered for a higher conversion rate too.

Best SEO tools for your business

Looking for just the right SEO tool might get a difficult task if you are not familiar with the niche. Even if you know what you want, you might find it difficult to choose from the numerous choices you will find across the web.

Just because of that magnitude of choices that you might encounter, we have shortened the list out for you. There are these great SEO tools that correlate to everything that you want for your SEO strategies.

1. Ahrefs

ahref seo tool

If you are not finding Ahrefs when you look for a tool online for SEO, are you even looking for the right thing? Ahrefs is just the SEO tool that you want in your arsenal to make things right as far as SEO is concerned. With all its functions, it will make you fall in love with it.

Ahrefs has a huge data index magnitude which includes indexing of more than 16 trillion unique links, daily browsing and crawling of more than 5 billion webpages, a little more than 3 trillion known URLs, and more. It has a huge 48 petabyte storage and is powered by more than 65,000 processor cores. Impressive? There is more!

With Ahrefs, you get the finest form of comparative analyses and competitive comparisons. It provides you with the finest organic search reports that help you understand your standings compared to the competition.

With Ahrefs, you get the best keyword research based on global data volume, global trends, and SERP tracking as well. With the magnitude of keyword knowledge, no doubt it is the best SERP tracking tool for your business.

Apart from these features, Ahrefs also lets you know what sort of content has created a buzz for a certain keyword that you provide. You can then know what is the best content to load your website with for gaining more traffic.

Moreover, its extensive backlink research option helps you find all the backlinks related to a particular URL. With that, you can plan things more efficiently for yourself.

With all this that is listed and its unmatched rank tracking and web monitoring, Ahrefs surely should be a great choice as an SEO tool.

2. SEMRush

semrush seo

Haven’t heard of SEMRush? You have not been on the internet long enough then. SEMRush is basically the Guru when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

So, with SEMRush, you can also promote your content with SEM along with the organic Search Engine Optimization. It is vastly programmed to suit all your needs relative to SEO and SEM; It is all that you might ever need for SEO!

SEMRush, without a doubt, is one of the most comprehensive and complete SEO tools with a number of functionalities and features that can help you get over your SEO worries without much hassle.

SEMRush has a huge database of keywords and rankings that you’re your life easier when it comes to in-depth analyses and audits of your website’s SEO standings.

With the kind of comprehensive site audit you get with SEMRush, you can know your strengths and weaknesses relative to SEO in general and keywords in specific. You can then act to eliminate any flaws in your SEO strategies and strengthen your strengths too. All this is based on the semantic core collection; With it, you have a base to work with.

In addition to those analytical pros, SEMRush has one of the most legitimate and valid competitive analyses and comparative audit of your keywords and your competition’s keywords. That comes in handy to determine the right SERP strategy for you.

All that accompanied with awesome Backlink audits, you can surely know what pages and what keywords are going to be great for your website and specifically certain webpages. That is how SEMRush holds its value as a great Search Engine Optimizer.

3. Accuranker

A lot of Accuranker users have an opinion that this particular tool revolutionizes the way SEO works for your business. We find It worth all that praise because it has numerous features, operability ease, and functional pros that make it irresistible, to say the least.

Accuranker gives you an amazing perk of having access to a lot of historical data for your website and its keyword rankings. With all that keyword ranking and SERP history, you can surely know where you stand and what can be done better to go higher.

You can go in the software and access all the SERP history so that you know all changes to your keyword rankings in the past. This helps you know how things have changed for certain content niches over time.

All this access to historical SERP data does not only help you analyze the past standings for your keywords and your website with regards to SEO, but it also helps you plan better for the future. You can devise better strategies with historical SERP analyses provided by Accuranker. The functions of the tool don’t end here though!

With instant and on-demand updates to keyword rankings and standings, you can always stay right ahead of the curve and know where SEO stands for your business. With its in-depth analyses created from segmentation and filters, you have great performance reports at your disposal at all times too.

Accuranker adds value to your SEO with additional options for tagging and landing page optimization. These two options help with your funnels and the increment of conversion rates.

Apart from all these amazing features, Accuranker allows you to add unlimited domains to the same account. Moreover, you can add numerous users to the same account too. The more the merrier. 

Accuranker also has integration options with other analytics platforms for better segmentation and reports. With its integration to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Databox, and Sheets using APIs and keys, you can easily intercalate your data and data platforms.

4. Moz

moz seo tool

Moz is one of those SEO tools that carry all the functions in one single package. There is no doubt about Moz being one of the finest among those all-in-one SEO tools, all because of its functional features.

As an SEO tool, Moz gives you the opportunity to run unmatched site audits that give you an idea about what your SEO strategies are and where you are doing it wrong. You can find the flaws in your SEO and correct them too in this way.

Another great thing about Moz is its diverse range of search engines for fetching rankings and data. With over 170 different search engines on its list, it gives you all the information about your SEO standings and the ways to make it better.

In addition to those unique features, it also has the more common features that relate to in-depth analyses, extensive keyword researches, keyword prioritization, success-scale identification, and comparative analyses.

With all this and much more, Moz for sure makes it into the best SEO tools available in the market today.

5. RankChecker

Looking for an SEO tool that you can classify as a free rank checker? Something that could function as both: free Google rank checker and an extensive SEO tool for you? 

RankChecker has made claims about being just that tool that you would want to check your keyword rankings and more. They claim to be one of the simplest, yet comprehensive rank checking tools available. We think that’s right too.

RankChecker is highly useful and it is completely accurate with SERP and keyword reports. It is one of that software that you can always look towards when you need to know where you stand with your SEO.

You don’t need to do a lot to get the reports. There are no tough things to remember. It is simply what it promises to be. RankChecker for your search engine rankings.

With RankChecker you have all the simplicity of a simple keyword rank checker as well as all the functional superiority of an extensively designed data-driven SEO software.

RankChecker comes with extensive data collection, huge keyword database, high index volume, a large number of URLs, and much more to help you find your SEO standings and improve them.

RankChecker has a great benefit when it comes to a distinction between keyword rankings over different platforms. You can know your rankings on mobile and desktops separately to adjust accordingly.

6. Google Search Console

If there was one of those Google SEO tools that you should have to improve your standings on different search engines and especially Google, this is the one. Google Search Console is certainly the perfect source to increase your traffic coming from search engines, especially Google itself.

Google Search Console helps you to optimize your site such that it suits search engine requirements and keyword density patterns across the web for your business niche. Once you have accomplished that, you can have way more traffic from search engines compared to other sites.

Google Search Console has the most comprehensive mechanism for determining your standings with regards to SEO and with tips relative to improving that. If you want traffic from Google coming to you, this is your choice for sure!

7. RavenTools

RavenTools is named pretty unorthodox and many features that it brings to the table for your SEO are that way too. It keenly observes your website, carefully conducts an audit and deduces a decision regarding your SEO strategies based on those findings.

RavenTools has an awesome site audit that finds out all your strengths and flaws relative to SEO. You can then know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, make amends, and do better.

RavenTools looks at all your webpages, readability, metadata, redirects, keywords, backlinks, and rankings to deduce errors in your SEO strategies. That done, you can then fix those errors and generate more traffic from searches.

The tool comes with an unparalleled rank tracking feature, awesome competitive analyses and research methodology, and the add-on of a link building manager for you to ace your SEO.

With RavenTools, you get to have the best keyword rank checking, extensive website audits, and unmatched optimization recommendations to make your SEO better. What else would you need?

8. Linkody

We know that Search Engine Optimization is not about keywords only. There is more to it and we know how to handle those aspects too. Link Building, if you know how pivotal it is to SEO, is another aspect that you can ace with this simple tool.

Although there are not many tools out there for link building and backlink assistance, Linkody is one such tool that helps you with managing your links, tracking the backlinks, and analyzing any bad links for correction. Basically, Linkody helps you modify your links to suit your SEO strategies.

With the use of Linkody, you can have the best links, extensively thought and planned backlinking, all related to your niche such that you can generate higher traffic volumes over sustained periods.

9. Screaming Frog

Are you just starting with your website? Have you been there for long and yet you don’t know how to deal with SEO troubles? Have your previous SEO strategies failed you? Screaming Frog should be an answer to each scenario.

Screaming Frog gives you unmatched website audits and reports so that you can plan your next SEO strategies with past standings in mind. Page and Metadata analyses help you rank better in searches and create more traffic opportunities for your site.

With the duplicate content discovery, you can know where your content is creating a sense of redundancy and repetition. With data extraction using Xpath and robot directory readings, you are sure to get better results out of your SEO.

Under any given scenario, Screaming Frog can be your best possible choice, courtesy of its vast functional features and ease of use. Moreover, if you want your competitive and comparative analyses done perfectly, this one is the best choice.

10. WooRank


Do you want to optimize your digital marketing strategy for better results? Well, who doesn’t? You should go with WooRank if you want optimization, upscaling, and ease, all in one place.

Once you have optimized your website and its content for SEO, you will have better keyword rankings. With better keyword rankings, you are bound and destined to have better chances of acquiring more traffic.

Go for WooRank and you will have a great chance at generating more traffic, having more conversions, and ranking higher up on searches. All this would happen once you have optimized your site for better SEO!

Opt for WooRank if you want to increase your search rank, keyword standings, and traffic. It will upscale all your previous SEO efforts and bring you better results in half the effort!


All these SEO and SERP tools are suited to SEO and SEM in different ways. You can look at all of them and decide which one suits your needs better.

Our final word of advice would be to keep your content clean and well managed. Don’t post long essays that don’t give value, add suitable keywords, and never ignore the meta descriptions. You will do all well then with SEO!