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Latest Free Themes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Equipped with easy-to-install templates, stylistics and a front-end visual interface, WordPress themes are basically the basis of every visual quality that your site may possess. WordPress themes allow you to make your website attractive, arranged and catchy without the need of much developing skills. They are just like digital stencils that allow you to model your sites based on catchy templates just like The Kotre ly design and style.
Although the exact number of WordPress themes is unknown and maybe too large to be identified without proper effort, more than 50,000 free and over 20,000 premium themes can be found on theme hosting sites across the web. You usually have to choose between free or premium themes based on your website requirements. These themes vary in functionalities and designs widely, hence, you have a large sample to choose from.
There are both premium and free themes on the internet. You can choose a free on or you can buy a premium theme. There are a number of free themes that are stylish, attractive and perfect in all working. We also offer a number of free themes that you can install on your WordPress site without any expenditure. Kotre and Blog Kit are one of the best free themes available over the internet.
Hosting a website on the internet may require you to pay for hosting service but the WordPress platform is an entirely free CMS platform that enables you to run and manage a website, edit its design and functionalities and integrate certain other softwares to it without any cost. In short, WordPress is the most economical option for your site. With a huge volume of free plugins and themes, WordPress is your best option.
Choosing a WordPress theme is totally a matter of your own preferences and requirements. You can choose between thousands of themes and select the one that is the best fit for your site and the niche of your business. The theme can be either a lively and cheerful appearance for your site, or a decent and breezy one to make things cool. Either way, it is your choice!
A template is just a layout for a certain number of pages, whereas a theme is the complete design of your website. A theme encompasses everything related to design on your website, from colors to sidebars and headers. Meanwhile the template is confined to the layout of a few pages. Templates are within a theme and editing a theme will have an effect on all the templates in that particular theme.